Heavy Diesel Tuner  Performance products for      JOHN DEERE JD14 PowerTech 13.6L Engines

Increase HP/TQ, Save Gallons of Fuel Per Hour and Finish Work Faster!!

9R 390, 9R 440, 9R 490, 9R 540, 9R 590

9RT 470, 9RT 520, 9RT 570

9RX 590, 9RX 640

HDT-JD14 Power and Fuel Economy Module 2022 year model machines.

HDT-JD14Plug and Play Power tuner will increase the engine HP and TQ 80 - 125hp (model dependent) and features 3 different adjustable settings power settings and 1 stock setting you can change with ease using our new push button adjustment process. Simply connect the unit to the injector harness connection, attach the power / ground lead to the battery as shown above, secure the unit away from moving parts and excessive heat/water sources and you are ready to get to work! Start saving TIME and FUEL with additional HP and fuel savings up to 12%. Please specify year and model when ordering.

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