Mercedes Benz Plug in Power Tuners by HDT

20 - 25% MORE POWER
Industry leading load based program activation increases power only when needed allowing you to
up shift gears to work quicker or pull the throttle back to help save fuel!
Higher field yields, lower fuel consumption per acre means more profit!
Engine Reliability is our #1 priority, all factory safety functions remain enabled, no worries of voided warranty or service technicians over writing your tuned ECM.
With our plug and play style units before service simply disconnect the HDT wire harness and module from the machine and return it back to 100% stock in minutes!
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HDT-Benz Power Tuner


Engine models compatible with our products:

6.4L Engine # OM906LA
6.6L Engine # OM926LA
7.2L Engine # OM926LA
12.0L Engine # OM501LA
12.8L Engine # OM460LA
16.9L Engine # OM502LA

Simple plug and play factory weather proof connections allow for a quick and easy installation. No cutting or splicing required, simply disconnect your factory wiring harness from the ECM and plug our connectors in between the ECM and factory harness. Secure the wiring and module box away from extreme vibration and heat sources and enjoy the additional power and fuel savings!

Please specify what engine, year and emission standard is equipped when purchasing.



Simple installation, great results - All HDT's products come complete with easy to follow, step by step pictorial fitting instructions, which makes installation really quick and hassle free.



Each work assignment is more profitable and productive - Turn your tractor into a powerhouse for a higher work performance and improved fuel consumption. With an additional increase in performance, your tractor is an essential component for the profitability of your business.

Injector Control - Unlike most other products on market, HDT connects directly to the injector using the factory signal from the ecm. Once the signal has been captured by the HDT performance module it modifies the Injected quantity values and Timing Values. While other manufacturers try to "fool" the system into injecting additional fuel by raising fuel pressure or tricking the air temp sensor into thinking it is extremely cold outside we work directly with the injector - which is the safest and correct way to tune an engine!

Safe & Reliable - This unit has the important task of continually monitoring the ECU’s signals to the engine and safeguarding them against any overloads. The protective functions of the ECU remain intact and within specification, ensuring complete peace of mind.


Multi-Map Technology -  4 maps are stored in the chip tuning box, which are activated when needed. This means optimum power and torque, combined with a very low fuel consumption.

Increase Horsepower, Torque and fuel economy!

Whether you need extra power to climb those steep hills or need better fuel economy you can trust in Heavy Diesel Tuner for your programming needs! All programming comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, all tune files are made with emphasis on drive ability and engine reliability!

Up to 20% increase in fuel economy!

Increase HP up to 20% and Torque up to 30%!

Start saving time and money NOW!

All of out products come with a 2 year warranty, detailed color picture instructions and our 30 day satisfaction guarantee!


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