Detroit Diesel DD13 & DD15 Custom MCM Tuning for Power & Fuel Economy

Have a DD13 engine that seems to be lacking power, fuel economy and throttle response? These are common complains DD13 owners experience and we have the cure! By changing injected fuel quantities and injection timing we can gain low - mid range power helping spool the turbo earlier and with that reduce throttle lag. These computer system rely on 3 main signals for fuel scheduling. Engine RPM's, Calculated Load and Boost Pressure. The factory Fuel tables have very little fuel in the lower to no boost pressure ranges that give the engine the "lag" feel compared to a Cat or Cummins people are more familiar with. THIS IS NOT THE ENGINES fault which is the good news! The major benefit to custom MCM tuning is we can correct some of the lower fueling tables to help build boost sooner in the PRM band to not only produce a substantial amount of TQ higher that factory but also broaden the power band which helps drive-ability. Which the engine making power in the lower RPM rnage you can pull slight grades without the need to downshift as much and also shift lower in the RMP band to help gain fuel economy. High RPM's and full load fuel leads to bad fuel economy!

The DD13 is capable of producing 550hp and 1850tq and the DD15 is capable of 600hp and 2000tq with tuning alone! No need for aftermarket parts such as larger turbochargers or injectors allowing for easy maintenece anywhere you can get your truck serviced.


The 2006 - 2017 trucks use the CPC4 body controller and these are covered for performance tuning. The 2017 - 2022 Truck chassis can have either the CPC4 controller OR the CPC3EVO controller.  If you have a 2017 - 2022 model truck an easy way to identify the and confirm compatibility is to locate the body controller under the dash. Examples are below:

Detroit EVO3 CPC

Custom Power tuning cost is $1799.00 and requires the only the MCM computer to be removed from the engine and sent in for programming. (the CPC examples are for ID'ing which system you have and is not required to be shipped with the MCM) Generally if you ship regular next day air with UPS or FedEx we receive them in the morning and can get them tuned and back out the door the same day!

*This service does NOT effect regeneration or emissions systems it is for POWER AND FUEL ECONOMY INCREASE ONLY*