Yanmar Marine BY Series Performance Products

Up to 25% MORE POWER
Industry leading load-based program activation increases power only when needed, allowing you to get on plane faster and maintain speed with less engine load - which leads to fuel saving!
Engine Reliability is our #1 priority as all factory safety functions remain enabled!
With our plug and play style units before service simply disconnect the HDT wire harness and module from the machine and return it back to
100% stock in minutes!

What Makes Heavy Diesel Tuners Marine Power Modules the best?

1. Simple plug and play installation takes minutes to increase the power and efficiency of your Volvo Marine Engine without the risk of voiding warranties or damage to the engine!

2. Clear color picture installation instructions along with factory weather proof connectors makes installation a breeze and allows for maximum longevity.

3. All systems come with a 30 day no hassle return policy if you are not happy with any aspect of this product along with a full 2 year warranty makes this an easy choice to get the most out of your boating experience while saving fuel at the same time!

4. Power setting adjustments on the outside of the weather proof case allow quick and easy adjustments!

Membrane Module Pic


HDT-Yanmar-BY Performance Module

 4BY & 6BY Series Engines

4BY150     +35HP/45FTLBS

4BY180     +44HP/50FTLBS

 6BY220      +55HP/68FTLBS

6BY260     +65hp/80FTLBS