Volvo Truck Lineup


Stage 1 Volvo D13 Upgraded Turbo Assembly 

64mm Billet Compressor Wheel Performance Turbocharger

Volvo D13, the all-new Lighter Aluminum Billet Wheel VGT Turbo delivers performance, reliability and fuel economy. Bully Dog Big Rig’s Stage 1 Billet Wheel Turbo Charger is an OEM replacement for trucks making up to 625 horsepower. Engineered & Manufactured with Bully Dog’s renowned quality, this turbo features improved torque and fuel economy as well as lower EGT’s(Exhaust Gas Temperatures). With a quicker spool up and better craftsmanship than OEM turbos — the Stage 1 turbo is the perfect OEM replacement and is the best turbo charger for class 8 vehicles on the road today.

NEW CALIBRATED ACTUATOR INCLUDED! No more relying on the dealership to install and calibrate your new turbo! This pre-calibrated VGT actuator allows you to simply install this new turbo and hit the road! Save THOUSANDS compared to a stock replacement and enjoy the peace of mind that your investment has a 1 year warranty UNLIMITED mileage warranty!


  • 100% NEW VGT Turbo With Improvements Over Stock
  • Reduced Turbo Lag for Better Throttle Response
  • New Electronic Actuator Is Included – Bolt & Go! No Calibration Required!
  • Cobalt VGT cage and ring
  • 64mm Billet Aluminum Compressor Wheel
  • Highest Grade Compressor Wheel Possible To Prevent Chipping & Burst
  • Adds 20 to 50 Horsepower (based off orignial engine HP Rating)
  • High Quality Copper Journal Bearings
  • Upgraded Diffuser Plates
  • Faster Spinning Turbo Increases Horsepower & Torque
  • Better Airflow Reduces Engine Temps & Improves Reliability
  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Triple Balanced – up to 180,000 RPM
  • Factory Size Exhaust Housing
  • Bolts Up To Factory Locations
  • No Core Charge
  • Better Than a Factory Replacement & Costs Less!
  • Unlimited Mileage 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Note: Cross Reference OEM Turbo Number Below


Replacement for OEM part # 85151095

Cross reference: 831124, 3784777, 21238245, 85141060, 2838447, 3784779, 21364706, 85141063, 2838448, 3791465, 21366000, 85141857, 2841956, 3791466, 21468131, 85151094, 2841961, 3791486, 21559604, 222880308, 3767704, 3791487, 21559607, 1700321618, 3767706, 4031154, 21559608, 1700323564, 3767710, 4031203, 22001084, 1700323565, 3767711, 4627060, 22001088, 170-032-1618, 3767715, 4628776, 22001089, 170-032-3564, 3773446, 5328831, 22215685, 170-032-3565, 3773449, 5328832, 22215686, 3791466H, 3775775, 5353343, 22880309, 3791466NX, 3775776 5353344, 85003963, 3791466RX, 3779285, 5355474, 85020014, 5355484RV, 3779286, 5355475, 85021417, 5355484RX, 3779287, 5355484, 85021418, 5355485RV, 3784770, 5355485, 85124588, 549974100H, 3784773, 5499739, 85128133, 549974100HX, 3784774, 5499741, 85136184, 5499741H, P22880308, 5499741HX, 85151095, 85151094, 85141064, 85141060, 85151094, 85020018, 85026018, 85020014, 85021417, 22215689, 22215685, 22880308, 85141058, 85151105



Combine our Stage 1 Turbo and HDT-VolvoPM Power Tuner to Reach up to 625Hp SAFELY!

DTE Volvo Button Box

Volvo D13 Plug in Power Tuner W/ Stage 1 Turbo Upgrade Package

Combine our industry leading power tuner the HDT-VolvoPM with the BD56500 turbo upgrade and get 600-625hp all in one discounted package!

You will receive the correct HDT-Volvo Plug and play adjustable power tuner for your year and engine:

This unit plugs  into the engine computer and controls injector timing and injected  quantities helping the engine with throttle response and lowering the  torque curve by spooling the turbocharger faster. 

Increase hill pulling speed and decrease downshifts and start saving money today!

True  "plug and play" unit which uses factory ecu connectors and will take  less than 20min to install. Simply Connect one end of the HDT wiring to  the "A" connector of the ECU, The other end connects to the factory  Wiring harness, attach a power and ground wire to the alternator, secure  from hazards with the supplied cable ties and you're ready to enjoy the  new power!

Each System is preprogrammed with 4 setting you can easily change with our push button type adjustment process.

D13's have 4 programs to chose from +60HP, +80HP, +100Hp or STOCK.

Factory Engine Protection systems such as derate for over temp of exhaust gas and regen systems stay intact and work as stock.

Increased MPG, Throttle Response and Horsepower!

Please note *This service is for increasing POWER ONLY, this DOES NOT EFFECT engine codes or regen equipment.*