Volvo Truck Lineup

Volvo performance and fuel economy tuning - Power HP/TQ + MPG

At Heavy Diesel Tuner we offer ECU tuning/Plug in modules for most Volvo engines. Our ECU tunes have a variety of features to offer, from increased fuel mileage and power gains to performance applications. This service requires removing the ECU and mailing it to our location,  usual turn-around time is 1 day depending on our work load.

Our goal is to keep your down time to a minimum!

Our plug in units provide adjustable power increases which allow you to fine tune the right amount of power to maximize HP/TQ and fuel mileage gains. We use only the highest quality OEM weather-proof connectors and BUILT IN THE U.S.A. quality construction for maximum reliability!

If you have any questions about installing our products please contact us by email.