Tractor Performance Tuner Services

When you run a farm, no matter how big or small, you need to know that all your equipment is operating at peak efficiency. You’ve heard the saying time is money, and that definitely applies to farming.

When your income relies on how fresh your produce is, you need to be able to harvest acres of crops within a short span of time. If any of your tractors are running slow or using too much fuel, that’s money down the drain.

Rely on Heavy Diesel Tuner for tractor performance tuner services. We make sure your fleet is running as efficiently as possible, whether you have one tractor or dozens.

Unlock Tractor Efficiency

When you have your tractor tuned by a professional tractor performance tuner, you experience fuel savings and better vehicle performance. We evaluate the tractor’s computer to make sure it sends the proper signals to keep your tractor running. When the computer is tuned properly, you’ll see an increase in torque and horsepower and a decrease in fuel consumption.

One reason that tractor performance tuning is effective is because many tractor parts are manufactured for use in many different countries. Because each country has different rules regarding efficiency and emissions, the components need to be more or less universal.

When you hire Heavy Diesel Tuner, we tune your tractor for efficiency while keeping you compliant with various laws and codes regarding emissions.

Trust Our Technical Training

The staff at Heavy Diesel Tuner is made up of professionals who are trained in computer programming, networking, and ASE technical training. When you want a team of professionals who will be friendly and address your needs with respect and expert advice, call Heavy Diesel Tuner.

Call us today at 423-709-7755 to learn more about our tractor performance tuner services and how we can help you.