CUMMINS MEDIUM DUTY PERFORMANCE               ISC, ISB, ISL & ISM Power and Fuel Economy Products by HDT

ISB & ISC Common Rail Fuel Injection System 2003 - 2016 model years

Need extra hassle free power and the convince of a plug and play system? This is for you!

HDT-CR4 Module

2003 - 2016 ISC and ISB engines

NO WIRE CUTTING or soldering required.
 These units will have the ability to increase HP by up to 30% by simply connecting to the engines fuel rail pressure sensor with our factory weather proof plug and play connections. Please include the engine serial number when ordering, some years require the connection style to be confirmed prior to shipment.

ISL Rail Connector

Pulling a heavy loads or want the best of the best for your rig? The Bully Dog Heavy GT Tuner is for you!

Bully Dog 46500 Heavy Duty GT Power and Fuel Economy ECM Tuner 

With real time engine data on its built in display you can be confident in your engines performance and also keep an eye on how the engine is running! This tuning system allows you to change the 3 power levels, read and clear trouble codes and adjust speedometer limiter settings with ease! This unit is compatible with

2007 - 2020 ISB 6.7L

2007 - 2016 ISC 8.3L

2007 - 2016 ISL 8.9L

1999 - 2010 ISM 10.8L

Do you prefer a flash tuner but don't need the benefits of the GT's display? No Problem the ECM Tuner is right for you!

All the benefits of the Heavy Duty GT without the screen making installation more discrete for employees and as an added bonus saves $$

This unit is compatible with

2007 - 2020 ISB 6.7L

2007 - 206 ISC 8.3L

2007 - 2016 ISL 8.9L

1999 - 2010 ISM 10.8L


Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 4.10.16 PM

Perhaps you just want to upgrade your gauge display and keep an eye on your engines vitals while still being able to adjust speed limiter settings and also read / clear trouble codes?

The Bully Dog WATCH DOG engine monitor system is right for you! Packed full of functions and handy features this display make a great addition to any truck!

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