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AC-460e AC-460p AC427 E7 350 E7 300 E7 385 V-MAC3 VMAC III AI / AMI Power Tuning Fuel Economy MPG Increase

Start saving time and money now!

Increase your fuel economy .5-1.5 mpg & add an additional 60-120HP!
Your engine will gain both HP and torque through the entire RPM band.

This helps the low end torque to reduce downshifting, improves throttle response and increases fuel mileage!

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"Why Do Mack Engines Feel So Sluggish??"

Ever find yourself saying "This Mack 427/460 doesn't run nearly as good as my old 400hp Cummins?"

THERE IS A GOOD REASON! Just because the engine is labeled a 427 or 460 does NOT mean that is what the actual RATED power is for the engine from Mack! In fact it is VERY rare to see a 427 or 460 engine advertised power to be 427 or 460. The vast majority of the engines were set between 318hp and 343hp and you won't know unless you see the Vehicle Info tab for software specifics such as these examples!

Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 10.38.30 AM
Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 10.38.09 AM

It's hard to believe but even the "best" stock Mack file which is the "460P" is only rated at 343HP! BUT NOT TO WORRY we can make your Mack run better than you can image by simply removing the ECU/ECM from the engine and sending it in for a power upgrade. We typically set the 427/460 engines up to 525hp or 560hp depending on transmission, GVW, terrain driven etc. Feel free to contact out technical department for addition information on what power setting is best for your specific situation!

Call 423-709-7755 for details, open 9am - 5pm EST Monday - Friday.

After hours you can email questions to:

Mack ECU Re- Flash Service 1998-2007

- Increase the HP & TQ to achieve maximum fuel efficiency!

- A better driving experience with increased throttle response!

- Wider power power band through the RPM range!

Up to an extra 120HP without changing injectors to turbo!

Power Tuning - $1599.00

This service requires removing the ECU and mailing it to our location, our
standard turn-around time is same day as delivered or 1 day depending on our work load.
Re-programming service requires the removal of the
ECU from the side of the engine and shipping it to our facility.

This service DOES NOT effect EGR function or VGT turbo operation and is for PERFORMANCE / FUEL ECONOMY GAINS ONLY

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