Volvo D13 Power Tuning Fuel Economy MPG Increase

Start saving time and money now!

Increase your fuel economy .5-1.5 mpg & add an additional 60-120HP!
Your engine will gain both HP and torque through the entire RPM band.

This helps the low end torque to reduce downshifting, increases fuel mileage, and improves throttle response.

NO MORE dead "pedal" feeling when you hit the accelerator!

Volvo ECU Re- Flash Service

D13's you can Select from 505-565HP

D11's can go up to 475hp

- Increase the HP & TQ to achieve maximum fuel efficiency!

- A better driving experience with increased throttle response!

- Wider power power band through the RPM range!

- Tuning works with stock injectors and turbocharger, no need for expensive engine part upgrades!!

Tuning Prices start at $999.00

This service requires removing the ECU and mailing it to our location, our
standard turn-around time is same day as delivered or 1 day depending on our work load.
Re-programming service requires the removal of the ECU from the side of the engine and shipping it to our facility.

Please note *This service is for increasing POWER ONLY, this DOES NOT EFFECT engine codes or regen equipment.*

Volvo ECU Location

Don't have the down time to send in the ECU but still need more Power and Fuel Economy? Check out our Plug and Play adjustable tuners below!

DTE Volvo Button Box
1939 conn


Plug In Adjustable Power module

2008-2013.5 D11 & D13 Engines with EMS2 Computer

(2013/2014 is a split year in ECM models, easiest way to determine if you need the 2008-2013.5 unit is to look at your diagnostic connector under your dash. If it is round then you need the 2008-2013.5 HDT-VolvoPM unit, if it is rectangular you will need the HDT-Volvo14+ unit- Please note this unit does not connect to the diagnostic connector and is only displayed as an easy way to identify which system your split year truck requires.)

This unit plugs into the engine computer and controls injector timing and injected quantities helping the engine with throttle response and lowering the torque curve by spooling the turbocharger faster.

Increase hill pulling speed and decrease downshifts and start saving money today!

True "plug and play" unit which uses factory ecu connectors and will take less than 20min to install. Simply Connect one end of the HDT wiring to the "A" connector of the ECU, The other end connects to the factory Wiring harness, attach a power and ground wire to the alternator, secure from hazards with the supplied cable ties and you're ready to enjoy the new power!

Each System is preprogrammed with 4 setting you can easily change with our push button type adjustment process.

D13's have 4 programs to chose from +60HP, +80HP, +100Hp or STOCK.

D11's have 4 programs to select from also, +40hp, +60hp, +80hp and STOCK

Factory Engine Protection systems such as derate for over temp of exhaust gas and regen systems stay intact and work as stock.

Increased MPG, Throttle Response and Horsepower!

Please note *This service is for increasing POWER ONLY, this DOES NOT EFFECT engine codes or regen equipment.*